Hip Opener
Morning Glory Yoga Studio
What can I say about yoga except that I wish yoga and I were friends sooner.

I had toyed with the idea of yoga for many years before finally getting into it here at Morning Glory Yoga Studios in Nacogdoches. When I was in Camp Lejeune with the Marine Corps, there was always an excuse not to go: Didn't fit into my schedule, wasn't sure what it was, the Marines will laugh at me, and whatever else I came up with.

Christy went to her first class at the studio and I went to the next class with her. I've been hooked every since. The teachers and the studio here are amazing. It's helped my running by strengthening my core and my balance. It's helped my mind by allowing me to clear it and relax me before and after nursing school tests. And I've met some sensational yogis along the way.

I was featured in the "Know Your Neighbor" column in the studio newsletter written by an amazing blogger named Chrissy Hennessey.

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