Friday, February 4, 2011

"Snowed In"

A very frosty Jeep Wrangler
Well...the snow came again for the second year here in Nacogdoches, TX. No matter the fact that we only got like 1.5 inches or something really small. The whole town basically shuts down because we aren't equipped to handle it. SFA canceled school today. Not a big deal to me because I don't typically have classes on Fridays this semester anyway. But it was still fun to get to hang out with Christy this morning since her school was canceled too...even though she somehow managed to go to work anyway despite not having any kids in her class. She has a conference tomorrow that she is getting ready for today.

The perfect ride for
every stride
Brooks Chrissie Wellington
T7 Racer
I got my pair of the Brooks Chrissie Wellington T7 Racers today. That's one hott shoe. I need to decide if I will actually run in it or just hang on to them because they are beautiful. Thought about getting a pair of the regular T7's to race in, but I'll decide that after my new ST5 Racers get here. The Chrissie Wellingtons were a good choice because 25 dollars from the purchase goes to her foundation to help fight ALS. It's always exciting to get new shoes...even if I won't ever wear them.

Looking forward to an hour and a half of yoga tomorrow at Morning Glory Yoga Studios. I didn't get to go on Thursday or today because of my 12 hour clinical on Thursday and the snow today. It's looking like I won't get to go very often on Wednesdays or Thursday because all of our clinicals are typically on those days. Fortunately, the other days are fairly open, and I could even jump on some two-a-day practices on Mondays since we don't start till later in the day at school. I felt like I needed to share this brief yet informative and important text conversation between me and my yoga instructor today. Also looking forward to taking some more yoga pictures at the studio. I want to see what I'm doing wrong and what I'm doing right. Hopefully, taking some pictures will be a good learning experience and just be plain fun to do. I'll be taking some Thai massage pictures with fellow yogi and 4:20 marathoner Chrissy Hennessey to advertise for a newly licensed Thai masseuse (not sure if that what she'd be called) who will be practicing Thai massage at the yoga studio as well.

I found out that I'll be going with the SFA Student Nurses Association to the Nurses Day at the Capitol in Austin, TX on March 8th and 9th. It should be pretty interesting. I've never been to the capitol building in Austin, so I'm kind of excited to see that. We got the approval to go from our SNA advisors, so it should be a worthwhile experience.


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