Monday, March 28, 2011

Rock 'n' Roll Dallas Half Marathon

Christy sporting her Cavalcade of
Curiosities t-shirt and spreading
peace throughout the Expo

Another phenomenal expo show by Brooks. We had a blast working on Saturday at the Brooks Cavalcade of Curiosities. Christy and I started off working together in the Prize Booth. Everyone who brings a free ticket from the Free Ticket Booth (how clever) to the Prize Booth is guaranteed to win something. Everyone gets a sticker no matter what. Your free ticket either got you a Cavalcade of Curiosities t-shirt, a Brooks Run Happy bandana, or Brooks-branded ear buds. At least twenty people got a free pair of Brooks shoes of their choice, and two people one a complete head-to-toe Brooks outfit which consists of a hat, shirt, jacket, pants, shorts, socks, and shoes. We had a blast working that booth because everyone pretty much leaves smiling because they got something for free. I mean, who wouldn't love free stuff from Brooks? And I know I thoroughly enjoying giving it away and seeing all the smiling faces because of it.

Pronators Peak
Photo from
After lunch, I worked at a game booth called Pronators Peak. Each person was given three ping pong balls. The goal goal was to either throw two balls in any shoe to win a big stuffed Brooks shoe OR to throw one ball in the golden trophy at the top to win a free pair of Brooks shoes of your choice. Believe it or not, two people (one on Friday and one on Saturday) got a ball in the golden trophy to win free shoes. Pretty impressive since the golden trophy is only slightly bigger than the ping pong ball and is located on the top of this mountain on a little Brooks runner.

Cavalcade of Curiosities
in our hotel parking lot
I really loved the expo, and it was so good to see all my old Brooks friends, meet some old Brooks friends in person for the first time, and make some new Brooks friends.

Race Report

Starting temp: 48, windy, overcast

Gear: Brooks ID Elite singlet, ID Elite Shorts, ST5 Racer, Garmin 410, Wrist ID Elite Interactive, Native Hardtop Sunglasses

Me and my red-headed Guru
at the VIP Porta Potty
Of course, the race had to start with a trip to the Brooks VIP Porta Potty where we like to run like the wind and pee like a rock star. The Porta Potties seem to have been upgraded since our trip to RNR Mardi Gras last month. Today, there were wood floors. I think I would have remembered that if I had seen them before. The Porta Potties are definitely high class and very nice on 48 degree mornings when all the rest of the runners are waiting in line for the commoner's porta potty which will inevitably be out of toilet paper. Where else will you get a smiling face to greet you with GU Chomps hors d'oeuvres and a warm place to do your business before it's time to report to your corral? Nowhere but the Brooks VIP Porta Potty.

This was my second year to run this course and the second annual running of this race. From what I remember, this is the same course as last year. There are some gradual hills along the course between miles 4 through 8. Nothing terrible though. It was a bit colder that I would have liked at the start of the race, but that's a personal preference.

Finisher's Medal
Unfortunately for me, I felt a weird twinge on the top of my right foot at mile 2. By mile 4, I left my pacing partner and stopped at an aid station. I didn't really think that they would be able to do anything for me. There wasn't any swelling in my foot. This was the first time I've ever stopped in a race. I decided my PR dream of 1:23 was over and readjusted my goals...something I frequently do mid-race. Not a big deal. I jumped back in the race at a slower pace and ran the next six miles with a guy from Fort Worth names Doug. He was an awesome help and distraction to the pain in my foot which had then migrated up to my knee. Doug went on his way to a sub 1:29 finish. Phenomenal in my opinion. He said he was 57 years old. I stayed by myself until mile 11 when one of my Brooks brothers, Talmadge, came up behind me and motivated me to the finish. I finished in 1:31:51. I'll take it. That's pretty good for 1.) being in pain and 2.) stopping for a few minutes to talk to the paramedics at mile 4.

It's definitely noteworthy to let y'all know that Christy got a new PR for the half by about 8 minutes!!

Overall, had a blast at this race. Not that I'll be able to do it next year, but I love the idea that I have run both of these races from its start. Last year, this race was my PR and a major running milestone of breaking the 1:30 barrier. Thanks for putting on a great race Dallas.


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