Tuesday, June 21, 2011

First Day

NMCP - First Naval Hospital
Yesterday turned out to be a very productive day. I met my sponsor on the first floor of the hospital. It turns out, he too is prior enlisted. He was a submarine mechanic for 15 years before doing the same program that I did for nursing. I guess being under water for months at a time took its toll on him. He was a really good match for me because I can tell that he looks past all the shiny officer bull$#!^ and really only cares about getting the job done. He took me around to the different stops on my check-in sheet and seemed to know everyone. Even if he didn't, he has a quality about him that makes him very easy to talk to. I think the sponsor coordinator did a good job matching him with me. We tag teamed a couple of Corpsmen with info about MECP and told them that it was one of the best programs that the Navy has to offer.

Fleet Marine Force Warfare Device
Something that surprised me was how quick the Corpsmen were to notice my FMF pin. They likely see hundreds of people in this administrative office every day. But as soon as I went back to talk to them about making my Geneva Conventions card, they started calling me "Doc" because they saw my pin. It's been a few years now since I've been called Doc, and it really great to know that me and these guys that I've never met before have a common bond. It was a good reminder that despite the shiny gleam of the butter bar and Nurse Corps oak leaf on my collar, I was raised in the sandbox with other Corpsmen and RPs and worked really hard for that dull, almost rusty chunk of metal on my chest. It's more important to me than anything on my uniform that shines.

Brand new NEX
One of the most important things that I got done yesterday was to get my new ID card. Getting the new ID card allowed me to get my base vehicle stickers. So today, I drove around to some of the surrounding bases and it was nice to not have to pull over and get everything checked out. Since the Force Protection Condition has been at Bravo since the killing of Osama bin Laden, getting on base without stickers is a little more difficult. Just flashing your ID isn't sufficient, as it shouldn't be. I'm just glad that it's a little easier now. But, while I was looking around the Norfolk Naval Base for the housing office, I stumbled upon the NEX (Navy Exchange). It just so happens that this is the "world's biggest NEX". I stopped in to check it out because...I mean...you just HAVE to check out the world's biggest NEX. This is the first NEX that I've see that has an escalator, so it's pretty big.

Not that any of you read my blog enough to merit using your phone for it, but I enabled it to be viewed on mobile devices. So if anyone DOES happen to read it on a tiny screen, it should be optimized for that.  Me = tech nerd.

Tomorrow is General Military Training at 0730. Not really sure what that consists of, but it lasts until 1130. I suppose I'll find out in the morning. Keeping the camera with me though. There's lots of cool stuff to see up here.


  1. I did just read it on my phone! Tech nerd in training.

  2. Fantastic!! :) I'm glad it works and even more glad that you're reading it.

  3. Me too, me too! Love the new format and I read every update. :) I'm not too clear on all the military language but trusty google helps me out.