Monday, October 31, 2011

Pure Flowin' with Brooks

Brooks Pure Flow
After a particularly rough week in an emotionally challenging class at the hospital and dealing with the drama of an invalid nursing license, I came home to find my Brooks Pure Flows on my doorstep. Since Christy is gone to Louisiana for a couple weeks, this was the next best thing to fix a crappy week at work.

I love the green color. I have two particularly bright pairs of Brooks shoes. One is the blue and orange ST5 Racer. The other is the blue and yellow Green Silence. Because I love Brooks shoes so much, I have some pairs that I only wear to wear. Others, I only wear when I run. I run in the ST5 Racer. I only wear this particular blue and yellow pair of the Green Silence. I have another pair of the Green Silence that I run in. The Pure Flow is a very comfortable pair of shoes, and I will likely get some just to wear later on down the road. No pun intended. The reason I like the bright colors and choose to wear them on a regular basis with regular clothes is that people notice them, comment on them, and then I have an easy segue into talking about running happy with Brooks. There you have it. My secret's out.

One of the things that I like the most about these shoes is the elastic across the upper. It gives an incredibly but not overly snug fit. And since it's elastic, it gives as you move so that it's not so much of a choking feeling.

I love the puffy tongue but wish it was the same kind of tongue as the Green Silence. The brilliance of the Green silence tongue is that it doesn't slide from side to side because one side of it is sown in, so it can't move. But if there must be a regular tongue, I'm glad it's plush and feels good on the top of my foot.

Pure Power
Another thing that I love is the lace. I'm pretty particular about shoe laces for some reason. I don't really like the Green Silence laces. I LOVE the ST5 Racer laces because they're flat. These laces have the rippled ends which help to keep them from untying. The thinner parts of the rippled laces have a better grip when tied. The tightness of the knot at those points helps to keep them snug. But what's really cool is that the laces aren't rippled throughout the lace. They're flat where they need to be flat and rippled where they needs to be rippled. The only thing that I would change is to put the messages that are on the Launch  laces on the Pure Project laces. My Launch laces  say, "Dig Deep". I love that about the Launch. I'd suggest, "Run Happy" or "Pure Power" or something like that. It would be neat to have a different message on each shoe.

It doesn't look like there's a whole lot to this shoe, but it feels very cushy and supportive on the inside. This is the only Pure Project shoe that I have for now, but I'm glad that I chose the Pure Flow because it's light enough for racing but has enough substance for a solid, lengthy run.

Thank you Brooks for making the best shoes ever. Proud to be a part of the Brooks family.

Run Happy!!

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  1. Just ordered a pair of Flow. I've been running in the Grit for a month on the trails and love them. Excited to see how this feel on my feet.