Monday, February 21, 2011

Upcoming Races

Tags from a recent shipment
 of Brooks stuff
It's so hard to make racing plans while in nursing school. Sometimes, we have clinicals on the weekends. Sometimes, the instructors spring surprise assignments on us. The closer it gets to race day, the more money it costs to register...if registration is still even open then. is what it is, I suppose.

These are the races I'm planning on running in the near future:

  • Heartbeat 5K: February 26th (Kind of controversial and definitely shady)
  • Warrior Dash (Conroe, TX): March 19th
  • Rock 'n' Roll Dallas 1/2 Marathon: March 27th
  • Davy Crockett Bear Chase 1/2 Marathon: April 9th
  • CASA Voices for Children 5K: April 23rd
  • Barkathon 5K: April 30th

Do NOT follow
my advice
I should be okay to run all of those. Nothing is on my club's calendar yet for May, so I'll have to find a half marathon that month. The Heels and Hills Half Marathon is on May 1st, but that will be a really hectic time with finals and getting ready for graduation. We'll see though.

We have a good friend named MaryBeth who lives in NY and works at JackRabbit Sports. We went to college together and talk nearly everyday about running, racing, training, and life in general. We were both in NOLA for the RNR race last weekend. She ran the full and got a PR for it. She consults me for training advice because I'm a coach and I consult her for shoe and apparel advice because she's an expert there. This text is a result of some post-race coaching advice gone wrong. Not even running is worth that.

26.2 Heavy Medal and
other RNR medals
Brooks is the sponsor of the Rock 'n' Roll Series of races, so I try to do those races whenever I can. Generally, I like how big the fields are for their races, and I like knowing there are elite runners in front of me for the whole race. RNR Mardi Gras was my 4th RNR race. RNR has a series of "Heavy Medals" that people earn for completing multiple RNR races in a calendar year. Last year, I ran the RNR Dallas Half and the RNR San Antonio Half. Completing both of those races earned me the 26.2 Heavy Medal. It came in the mail last week, so it's now prominently displayed on my awesome medal rack that Christy gave me for Christmas. I'll have to put up a picture of the medal rack on here sometime. finish this coffee, go for a run, then head up to the main campus to get my GI Bill straightened out.


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